Celebrating Skipton’s culture with a virtual festival

Skipton Building Society
Festival of Culture

The Brief

With a newly devised People Strategy to ensure all colleagues are fit for the future, Skipton Building Society had to communicate the full strategy to all 2,700 colleagues at the height of the pandemic.

Skipton needed a better connected workforce who were clear about how they contribute to  achieving their vision, engage with the new strategy and immerse themselves within it.

Our shared aim was to deliver the People Strategy in an innovative, accessible and engaging way, that best represented their people’s personalities, fit in with the new world of working and aligned with their brand values of ‘Trust’, ‘Ownership’ and ‘One Team’.



The Solution

Together, we designed the ‘Festival of Culture’ and created a virtual festival site that spanned four consecutive weeks, delivering over 50 sessions across six festival stages and became the place to go for everything People Strategy related.We built the festival site around a map, that acted as the hub for the event. The website became a blend of compulsory and self-directed learning, where people could interact in the best way for them. Alongside 50 scheduled presentations, there was collaborative content that developed over time as all 2,700 colleagues added to the richness of the conversation.

This event was designed for colleagues with different work patterns, in different environments, working in different departments with differing knowledge bases. It was fully accessible and supported the societies unwavering focus on diversity & inclusion, even factoring diversity of thought and learning.

The Results

A momentous occasion for Skipton Building Society. One which rallied all 2,700 of Skipton’s colleagues around its new People Strategy and strengthened ties between them.

Boasting a 100% attendance rate, the fully accessible content drew 64,000 individual views and 210,000+ clicks, with 96% of colleagues voting their festival experience at the event “good” or “great”.

Watch the video!

"Absolutely loved the event. You and your teams did an amazing job. You’re professional, positive, friendly and just lovely people. Not only that, you deliver."
Debbie Hughes (Collegaue Comms Business Partner, Skipton Building Society)
"Fantastic sessions, perfect mix of topics and balance between key 'work' messages and fun/interest too. The sessions have helped me understand our new people strategy and motivate me to perform at my best.”
It's been fantastic to develop and deliver something so innovative with Skipton. It's obviously had a tremendous impact on the organisation and to hear that every single one of Skipton's colleagues has accessed the site makes all the hard work worthwhile!"
Floss Clifford (Creative Strategy Director, simplybetter)
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Skipton Building Society

Celebrating Skipton’s culture with a virtual festival

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