Event sustainability. It’s all in the planning

Creating engaging events with an innovative, ambitious and environmentally aware strategic partner is a great way to underpin your sustainability credentials. However, what we do day-to-day here at sbHQ means that sustainability is built in from the ground up.
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Sustainability taken seriously

If you have read any of our knowledge hub articles over the last year or so, you’ll know just how seriously we take sustainability – not only in the spectacular campaigns and activations we create, but also in our own simplybetter way of working. As we’ve grown, so has our ambition to be more sustainable within every aspect of our business – from the most mundane of everyday activities right through to each and every experience we create for our clients and partners.

Creating engaging events with an innovative, ambitious and environmentally aware strategic partner is a great way to underpin your sustainability credentials. However, what we do day-to-day here at sbHQ means that sustainability is built in from the ground up. And you can do the same within your own organisation. None of it is rocket science. It just takes thought, commitment and planning – and you can seriously upgrade your in-house sustainability.

In-house sustainability

Integrating innovation

We are always looking for new initiatives and ways of integrating innovative ideas into our everyday working lives. You may already have some of the big things in place, such as electric vehicles or grey water management, but to be truly sustainable, you need to dig deeper into the minutiae of everything you do.

  • Use of technology
  • Reducing unnecessary travel
  • Sustainable materials
  • Replacing single use materials
  • No unnecessary printing or waste paper
  • Reusable assets
  • Charitable donations
  • Minimising all waste
  • Energy reduction
  • Wise use of water

A holistic approach

We take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of our business to help create a future that includes and benefits everyone, including people with diverse perspectives and needs. Sustainability doesn’t work in silos. We work hard to examine how what we do in one part of the business, impacts and benefits the others, trying to create a whole that is greater than its individual parts.

  • Human
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Environmental

Proud member of isla

isla is the events industry authority on sustainability. They help keep us up to date with innovations, ideas, rules and regulations so that we are always ahead of the sustainability curve. Obviously, isla is specific to the events industry but there are both generic and sector-specific authorities that will have plenty of ideas for your business. It’s definitely worthwhile investing a bit of time to research what other things your industry is up to.

Event sustainability

What does this mean for your event experience?

So, how does this then translate from the workplace to the events space? It means taking the same committed and holistic approach – and that means planning. Serious planning. Right down to the last detail. Of course, every event experience is different and we can’t go into that sort of detail here, but these are just some of the things to consider when planning sustainability into an event, campaign or activation.


  • Purchasing
  • Graphics & signage
  • Built elements
  • Waste management


  • Venue energy
  • Organisation energy
  • Event energy
  • Generators

Food & Water

  • Sourcing
  • Service & packaging
  • Food surplus
  • Conserving water

Travel & Transport

  • Audience travel
  • Staff travel
  • Event transport
  • Supply chain

Each one of these elements will have an impact on the overall sustainability and carbon footprint of your event. Some are within your control, others depend on the venue and its own sustainability efforts. For large, industry exhibitions, the venue is already fixed. But whenever you have the freedom to choose your own location, make sure you look into how the venue operates. Could you do better by going somewhere else? Or could you gently nudge your preferred venue towards greater sustainability? We have found that many venues have welcomed constructive suggestions and, by helping them, we’ve built up strong and mutually beneficial relationships – and a better choice of more sustainable venues.

If this is all a bit too much in one go, we are always keen to share our experiences. If you’re looking to enhance your sustainability credentials, we can certainly help you get started on that journey. Just get in touch.


award-winning sustainably led event experiences

c&it awards 2023 best sustainability initiative award winners simplybetter

At simplybetter, we design and create award-winning exhibitions, event experiences, campaigns and activations – each one with sustainability at its heart. From first conversations to the after event party, we build sustainable practice into everything we do. So, you can rely on our hard work to uphold your sustainability credentials. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Check out our knowledge hub for ideas, inspiration and expert advice on delivering ingenious events and unconventional conventions. If we’ve sparked your interest, get in touch so we can arrange a chat about your next project – and check out our on-demand webinars for even more fantastic inspiration.

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