Newsletter Issue 5: Events and Engagement Done Differently

We're diving into awards, rewards and elevating exhibitions. Plus we cast a spotlight on some of our innovators within the team, and some of our latest event innovations.... All that and more, so enjoy this edition of our newsletter.
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Welcome to issue five of our 'Events and Engagement Done Differently' newsletter!

The simplybetter team are in the middle of a busy Autumn where we’ve been delivering exciting projects all across the country and Europe. Combining that with our recent office move and taking on 3 new starters it’s fair to say that there’s plenty going on!

As well as all of that we’ve also just won a prestigious Conference & Incentive Travel (C&IT) award for “Best Sustainability Initiative” award for Skipton Building Society‘s Leadership Event!

A fantastic night, at the stunning Raffles London at The OWO, was capped off by a win! A fantastic achievement in a hugely important category as we strive to create planet-first events. This win was on top of two other shortlist nominations for:

  • Medium Agency of the year
  • Celebratory event of the year

All of that got us thinking about the power of recognition in the workplace and why it’s so important…

Well, you might be surprised to know a recent study asked what was people’s biggest motivation to do great work. 37% of people wanted to be recognised for the work they’ve done and the contribution they’ve made, massively eclipsing money, training or promotion.

most important drivers of great work pie chart by simplybetter
The most important drivers of great work graph

That, combined with companies that use peer-to-peer recognition, report significant increases in customer satisfaction – that’s customer, not colleague, which you may think would be unrelated. It just goes to show how well recognition translates from colleagues to customers to your bottom line. It strengthens culture, dramatically impacts retention and drives productivity.

employee recognition statistic tiles by simplybetter

As humans, we are all hardwired to seek out recognition, and not just in the workplace. From a very early age, we crave recognition from our parents, teachers and friends. So strong is this desire for positive affirmation that it is considered a vital human need. It is a blend of a person’s understanding of who they are as an individual while, at the same time, how they influence and contribute to the wider community, in a business setting, the workforce.

Understand the reasons why Reward and Recognition are vital in the workplace by reading this article.

featured articles

7 top tips to create your best Reward and Recognition event ever!

personalised place setting at awards dinner in 7 top tips to create your best Reward and Recognition event ever simplybetter
Personalised place setting and thank you card

At simplybetter, we are all about helping brilliant brands from around the globe to design and deliver business transformation events, specifically around employee engagement, company culture and, of course, reward and recognition experiences.

So, to help we have pulled together our 7 top tips for improving your approach to reward and recognition events.

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Elevate your exhibitions: How to create more innovative brand activations that push boundaries and build better brand awareness

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In this webinar, we’re turning our attention to the world of exhibitions. We were joined by industry experts to look at how you create stand-out expo interactions that push boundaries and challenge the norm to drive better brand awareness.

From maximising your exhibition space and immersing your audience in your brand to engaging them through considered activations and live demonstrations, we cover it all. 

Watch on-demand now and we’ll help you to unleash the true potential of your exhibition offering.

featured project

SharkNinja Showcase

We’re all about partnerships and long-term relationships at simplybetter. We’ve had a bumper summer working with the team at SharkNinja across a range of amazing events. From their biggest exhibition stand at IFA Berlin, to Pub in the Park Festival with Tom Kerridge and delivering hair transformations at Lollapalooza in Berlin, one of the biggest musical festivals in Europe. Here are a few highlights from a summer of fun.

SharkNinja created their biggest-ever exhibition stand at IFA Berlin 2023

Earlier this month we helped the amazing team at SharkNinja create their biggest ever exhibition stand at IFA Berlin 2023. Take a look at the video to hear Brand Director Lindsey Weiss, Ninja, EU Category Lead Craig Cunningham and Senior Event and Trade Marketing Manager EMEA Florence Jouanneau talk about how our partnership helps create immersive experiences and memorable moments that make a real impact.

Live demonstrations at Pub in the Park

There was more summer fun working with the brilliant team at SharkNinja to deliver another exciting brand activation event – at Pub in the Park Festival with Tom Kerridge! It was so good to be back onsite once again with the amazing Gemma Hodgson and Sebastian Bartlett from SharkNinja.

This three-day event celebrates the brilliance of the Great British Pub, and we were there to help showcase some of the exciting Woodfire range of Ninja Outdoor Ovens. We were thrilled to enlist the help of food influencer and top chef James Brooks to create some distinct recipes and provide exciting and engaging live demonstrations!

Shark Beauty delivers festival-chic hair transformations at Lollapalooza

We enjoyed all the festival vibes supporting the amazing Shark Beauty team as they attended Lollapalooza in Berlin.

One of the biggest musical festivals in Europe, Lollapalooza is two days of music, fun and adventure, and we brought that same ethos to Shark Beauty’s debut stand. Taking a shipping container and giving it a glow up into a premium salon space that was perfect for showcasing Shark Beauty’s range of haircare products, it definitely achieved their goal of a fun and engaging way to increase brand awareness.

With product demonstrations, free hair styling, and lots of giveaways, it’s fair to say they made a lot of new fans that weekend. And earned their place on the line-up!

team member spotlight by simplybetter

It’s already shaping up to be a super busy Autumn for the simplybetter team as we head out on the road to deliver some exciting events for our clients. Before the fun begins, we wanted to share a few of the team’s memories from their summer.

It’s so important that everyone has taken some time to enjoy themselves and focus on their wellbeing with their families.

We’re also celebrating team members old and new!

Meet our amazing Design Manager Abbie Hignett! Abs has been an integral member of the simplybetter creative team for the last 4 years and is our queen of all things design and print. She’s also an absolute karaoke master on a night out.

Plus, a big simplybetter welcome to our new Project Manager, Bethany Owen-Hill. It’s great to have you on board, Beth!

Final Thought

I was reflecting on a podcast I listened to recently, asking the question around whether you know if you’re being a good leader – are you doing right by your children, the team you lead, by your colleagues?

It’s often difficult to know, as you rarely get constructive feedback from your kids (well, not at the ages of 12 and 14 anyway!); and generally speaking, your team won’t go out of their way to tell you where you’re going wrong (this should of course happen in businesses with a great feedback culture).

But there is a fast and easy test of your leadership skills, and the question to ask is this: Do you make people better?

As Seneca once said, “Happy is the man who can make others better, not merely when he is in their company, but even when he is in their thoughts”.

And that’s the essence of being a good leader and a good human being.

At the base of all great leadership is the desire to want to make people and situations better.

And then I reflected some more, and figured this power isn’t just in the hands of leaders, it’s also in the hands of us as professional communicators too.

Simply put, we have the opportunity to make people’s lives better through quality communications.

In fact, good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity, between chaos and order.

As the great Tony Robbins recognises, “All behaviour and feelings find their original roots in some form of communication”. And it’s our job to positively influence the way people think and feel, and ultimately change their behaviour for the better. As communicators, we should be a positive source for good, and leave people and places better than when we found them.

If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skilfully, you can work miracles.


Rob Woodhead profile picture Managing Director of simplybetter

All the best,

Rob Woodhead

Managing Director

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