Brand Design & Development

A brilliant brand is one that builds an emotional connection with their customers and drives brand loyalty.

The same applies to colleagues, ensuring comms cut through so people connect emotionally to your purpose and culture. 

We craft and curate internal brands that bring core messages and strategies to life in a compelling way.

Reading the backstory

It starts by knowing what’s behind your brief – understanding your people, objectives, culture and message which will ultimately define what your brand needs.
This shaping process dives into the detail and brings in a psychological lens which we can use to identify and design a brand that’s fit for purpose.

Distinctly you

We’ll craft something that both sits seamlessly within your wider brand architecture, whilst also having a distinct purpose and presence that’s easy to pick out.
Whether we’re visualising a strategic narrative, creating an identity for your latest campaign, or developing an ident for your next big event, we’ll balance bespoke elements with your existing brand to create something with clear purpose at a glance.

Covering all bases

When it comes to rollout, we take an omni-channel approach to consider how your brand works across all platforms and formats.
Whatever people sink their teeth into, either in-person or online, needs to hit home all the great messages you need to share. Our expertise lies in knowing how to convey your brand’s best qualities in a package that effectively creates betterengagement and connections at speed.

And that's not all

A more human approach

We can personify elements of your brand to create more people-focused connections between you and your audience that feel authentic and empathetic

Grounded in theory

Our solutions are backed up by scientific studies and psychological insights, from colour theory to brand archetypes, to ensure people resonate with your messages

Supporting materials

Whatever you need to take full ownership of your new brand, from asset toolkits to tone of voice guides, we can provide everything you need to use it to full effect with confidence

Victory Leisure Homes

Engaging 10,000 attendees for Victory at the Great Holiday Home Show

Live Events

Putting Gainsight’s Pulse Europe on the map

Virtual & Hybrid Events
One Small Thing

Taking One Small Thing’s crucial conference online

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Reckitt’s R&D community together

Live Events
Victory Leisure Homes

Bringing customers together for a uniquely Victory event

Live Events
Reward & Recognition
Skipton Building Society

Increasing colleague engagement with a summer festival

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Carpetright together online for a virtual experience

Brand design & development
Comms, campaigns & activations
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Celebrating Skipton’s culture with a virtual festival

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society’s most sustainable leadership event ever

“They can take just the shadow of an idea and bring back something so much better and more creative than you could have possibly imagined.”
Brand Manager, M&S Bank

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