Communication Campaigns & Activations

When you have something you need to say to your people, the message itself is key.

What you say – as well as where, when and how you say it – all affect whether people will actually care about it.
We know how best address all these aspects so that people tune in and listen to every word that needs to be heard.

Objectively better

Before figuring out the words to use, we collaborate with you to understand the objectives behind your campaign or activation.
This allows us to finesse the message itself, fit the best package to deliver it in and choose the right channels to send it through so that people engage on a deeper level, making your objectives their own.

Are you paying attention?

In today’s world, we’re constantly vying for attention when it comes to putting content in front of people – it takes something refreshing and different to break people out of the default so they pay attention.
We’ve experimented with novel activations, from board games and mazes to mini-expos and more, that weave your message into something that stands out and encourages active learning.

Time for a change

If you’re looking to successfully shift or renew your business’ culture, you need synchronicity and timing.
Speaking with one voice across all channels and touchpoints simultaneously just as crucial as finding the right moments where you’ll have the best impact. Making use of our extensive experience will ensure you’ve got all angles to launch your activations at the right time to create betterengagement.

And that's not all

Strategic mapping

To move forward, you need to know where you’re starting from – so we’ll plot out everything from your current position to the end goal

Thinking differently

We design engagement that’s fit for everyone across the neurodiverse spectrum, so no one’s left behind and everyone’s on equal footing from moment to moment

Steps to success

Collaboratively mapping out a series of achievable steps together will make moving in your desired direction seem easier than ever before And get a better Return on Experience (RoX)

Victory Leisure Homes

Engaging 10,000 attendees for Victory at the Great Holiday Home Show

Live Events

Putting Gainsight’s Pulse Europe on the map

Virtual & Hybrid Events
One Small Thing

Taking One Small Thing’s crucial conference online

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Reckitt’s R&D community together

Live Events
Victory Leisure Homes

Bringing customers together for a uniquely Victory event

Live Events
Reward & Recognition
Skipton Building Society

Increasing colleague engagement with a summer festival

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Carpetright together online for a virtual experience

Brand design & development
Comms, campaigns & activations
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Celebrating Skipton’s culture with a virtual festival

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society’s most sustainable leadership event ever

“Your skills and knowledge around engaging people beyond organising an event is why I really love doing business with you. You are so much more than an events company, you are experts in engagement.”
Head of People Engagement

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