Live Event Experiences

We help pioneering brands engage their colleagues and customers to drive better business results through unforgettable live event experiences

– bringing people together through collective moments that resonate and create real change.

Beginning with the end

We start by looking at the afters – what we want people to do different after the event is all said and done.
This shapes the defining moments that are needed to change how people think and feel in order to drive shifts in behaviour.

Making moments that matter

Our lives are made of moments. Each one helps to shape our lives and the way we see the world.
But we don’t have to wait for them to happen. We know how to create authentic moments that get to the heart of your audience, giving your event the right touches for the right outcomes.

Understanding the environment

Every event you run is an opportunity for people to step into your world.
With the right environment, you can direct people’s attention with ease and convey messages that stick. We’ll work with you to make sure each element feels distinctly you to totally immerse everyone in your business.

And that's not all

Service beginning to end

The event begins from the moment people receive an invite, right through to your comms cascade well after the event is over. And our services cover that whole journey, start to finish.

Show-stopping production

Every event we craft is supported by cutting edge AV and creative execution that keeps attendees locked in on your content from start to finish.

Integrating interactivity

Getting hands on with your content is a surefire way to ensure your message sticks. We can use our insights to create targeted interactive moments and active learning to fully engage your audience

Live Events

Putting Gainsight’s Pulse Europe on the map

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Reckitt’s R&D community together

Live Events
Victory Leisure Homes

Bringing customers together for a uniquely Victory event

Live Events
Reward & Recognition
Skipton Building Society

Increasing colleague engagement with a summer festival

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society’s most sustainable leadership event ever

An incredibly professional and slick event which received unanimously positive feedback from all that attended. From the location to the stage set, the quality of product, sound and lighting all making for an incredibly successful day. Importantly too the business messages landed and the approach with the breakout zones meant maximum engagement all day.
Andrew Bottomley, CEO – Money, SBS

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