Virtual & Hybrid Event Experiences

Digital events have gone from niche experiences to something people know extremely well.

Hybrid and fully virtual events have to work harder to cut through – which is where we come in.

We combine our in-person event insights with our digital know-how to design and deliver the ideal experiences that are proven to drive betterengagement.

Reaching your message

We curate the right audience journey for everyone taking part in an event, creating the optimal, distinct experience that gets people excited and engage.
Whether they’re attending online or in-person, we’ll feature the right touchpoints and produce consistent content that lands your message.

Apart, together

Multiple studies have shown that around half of event attendees actually prefer hybrid events.
They can be more accessible for wider audiences and combine the best elements of live and virtual experiences. We know how to craft agendas that consciously include all audiences so neither feels isolated from participating at any point of your event.

As seen on TV

We take inspiration from high-production TV shows and innovative entertainment to immerse remote audiences in your brand and create must-watch content.
It also encourages them to become active participants in virtual events, which we know can be one of the biggest obstacles in creating a successful online event.

And that's not all

Show-stopping production

Every event we craft is supported by cutting edge AV and creative execution that keeps attendees locked in on your content from start to finish.

Integrating interactivity

Getting hands on with your content is a surefire way to ensure your message sticks. We can use our insights to create targeted interactive moments to fully engage your audience.

Always people first

All our virtual and hybrid solutions have your people at their heart, so every little aspect is tethered back to them and what will create betterengagement for all

Virtual & Hybrid Events
One Small Thing

Taking One Small Thing’s crucial conference online

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Reckitt’s R&D community together

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Bringing Carpetright together online for a virtual experience

Brand design & development
Comms, campaigns & activations
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Celebrating Skipton’s culture with a virtual festival

Live Events
Virtual & Hybrid Events
Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society’s most sustainable leadership event ever

““Really great work, the content was amazing and I’m so pleased we had such a slick platform to do it justice. Well done everyone and thank you simplybetter team!”
Head of Internal Comms, Siemens

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